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What's it about?Crasher is a creator-owned webcomic from Naija (Nigeria).It's a love story (at it's very core) loaded with a few pop culture references, monsters and everybodies favorite pervert. Most of the story takes place in the Obawon University somewhere in Naija. Crasher is available to read here always, with a new strip every WEDNESDAY.

Welcome to January

Happy New year! (What? It’s only 13 days old) You’ve probably noticed a few changes to the site and even here of facebook. I won’t be posting crasher comics strips here anymore. For your weekly fixes you’ll have to go to the website. We at crasher HQ decided in other for us to attract advertisers, we need to show that weekly, a trillion- bazillion readers visit the site and read the strips. So please remember to hit the share button. Thanks for an awesome 2013, hope we can make it even more so in 2014.