Below are Cast of the CRASHER Comic series.

Kokoro is a student of the department of Architecture who’s got most of his priorities in reverse he’s a comic and movie geek. Oh yeah, he’s kinda stupid.
Risi is a focused architect in the making who’s got her standards. She’s also the object of Kokoros affection…too bad her reactions to his affections are not always of a pleasant nature, and Kokoro is majorly blind to this
Rukewe/ Ruky
we all know some like this guy. Someone who’d do any kind of job(including those he’s not skilled at) to make money. Ruky helps manage a snack bar an electronic store and a barbing saloon and he may or may not be a student in the Obawon University. Oh, and he’s a bit of a pervert.
This is Akaji, Kokoro’s childhood friend. She’s the female version of Kokoro with the exception that she’s cooler, beautiful, smarter, better at dre…scratch that she’s nothing like kokoro.
Kokoro’s roommate, he’s a student in the faculty of law, the sole occupant of room 667 before Kokoro came along. Behind his unassuming exterior, Ben hides a dark secret.