Frequetly Asked Questions

1 Why dont you run the strip on more days of the week?

Right now it runs twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays and I hope to run Crasher at least five days a week and eventually everyday but I’d like to build a large enough and regular fan base first.

2 How did crasher start?

Kokoro is a cartoon character that never ages. His first incarnation was in 1998, while I was in university. My department’s editorial board gave me a space on their board for a cartoon strip. Back then Kokoro wore shades, had three strands of beard and was less skinny. I couldn’t manage putting strips up regularly and I had to stop. It wasn’t until 2002 that I picked it up again and put strips up regularly on the editorial board.

3 How can I get crasher strips in my magazine/periodical?

Easy. E-mail me at with a description of your magazine (a pdf attachment of a recent copy would also help) and I’ll get back to you. Preferences would be giving to magazines created for and by students of tertiary institutions.

4 Are the characters in the crasher strips based on real life characters?

All the characters in the crasher universe are modelled after at least one aspect of me. The part of me that just wants to sit in front of a TV, playing video games is Kokoro. The part that can’t cook is Risi, the voice of reason is Benedict etc...that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

5 How long does it take you to produce a strip?

If I I’ve already written the script for the strip it takes me about two to five hours depending on how much background detail and the number of panels I’m going with.

6 Is crasher ever going to come out as a collection in a book?

I’m working on it. The collections going to have strips from the site as well as strips that are not going to be available anywhere else.

7 Do you make money from the webcomic?

Not as much as I’d like and not as directly as I need.

8 Is crasher the only cartoon/comic you do?

No, I’ve worked on a bunch of comics. Some may never see publication either print or web because of the powers that be… Dinosaurs!

9 Where do babies come from?

Go ask your mother.